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We Help You Visualize The Entire Product Landscape

By Creating A Standardized Database For Your Products

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Do You Have A Standardized Database For Your Products?

DiscoverEE's technology enables creation of "standardized product database" and organizes the unstructured product landscape. Such a database offers unprecedented level of product insights to hardware engineers, allows them to estimate product performance and project technology & market trends.

Product Database Enables
Visualization Of Entire Component Landscape

Imagine the ability to visualize products along with their entire market.

DiscoverEE is the world's first company to create to product dashboards where you see the entire market landscape in one chart.

Product dashboards lets you see all products from all the competing manufacturers in one place so you can pick the most optimum product for your use cases.

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Product Database Enables
You To Perform Datasheet Comparison's With One-Click

How do you perform datasheet comparisons with DiscoverEE? Simply enter the part numbers and click on compare button.

You instantly see the side-by-side datasheet comparisons of product specifications. Prior to using DiscoverEE, it took some of our users a full 8 hours to compare datasheet of 8 products.

From 8 hours of engineering time to less than 8 seconds . Now that's what we call productivity gain!

Product Database Enables
You To Find Industry Best Cross References

Finding a good alternative for a specific product (also called cross-reference) is not an easy task. Not only do you need to know how the product works but also who makes the products and how products compare with each other.

DisocverEE's proprietary techniques provide industry best cross-references by simply typing the part number. Let us do all the hard work in the background and be ready to see the cross-reference results that took you hours and days to find previously.

Product Database Enables
Tracking New Product Releases

Do not get caught off-guard by the new products released by your competitors. It's a competitive fight every day and you got to win it by exploiting gaps left by competitors and promoting your best products.

Product Database Enables
Selection of Components Based On Performance Modeling

At PCIM Europe 2020, we demonstrated that for Power Devices selection based on Power Loss Performance is more effective than selection based on key parameters alone.?

Find Out More At The Links: PCIM 10-Min Video or PCIM PDF Presenation

Product Database Enables
Significant Cost Savings

DiscoverEE enables significant cost savings by recommending the most optimum parts for your applications so you do not have to pay for the performance you do not need.

Product Modeling

With all the product information at our fingertips, creating product models and using it to predict the performance of products under different conditions was only the logical next step for us.

Product models provide a compact way of representing product informations and predicting its performance under many different use cases.

Product models also make it easy to compare different products operating under the same conditions.

DiscoverEE Provides Spice Models For Power Devices - MOSFETs, IGBTs, BJTs and Diodes

Do you know a majority of the power devices are missing Spice models? At DiscoverEE, we provide SPICE circuit models so you can confidently simulate the devices in your application and be more confident about your design.

Further, different manufacturers create different levels/types of SPICE models which makes it difficult to compare their performance. At DiscoverEE, we provide standardized SPICE models so you can perform a more meaningful comparison.

Whether you are looking for one model or thousands of them, get in touch with us at

Create Live Datasheets

Datasheets were created in the era of printing press and even with all their limitations they still are a de facto standard of publishing product information.

At DiscoverEE, we bring the power of cloud computing and web technologies to create LIVE Datasheets. With LIVE Datasheets you can instantly simulate the datasheet curves under your specific application conditions.

Why spend hours extrapolating datasheet curves when you can simulate them in an instant? Get in touch to explore the possibilities at


Application And Circuit Simulation

At DiscoverEE, we understand it can be time-consuming to simulate different products in circuits and compare them.

We created an easy-to-use web based circuit simulator so you can launch simulations at the click of your mouse and compare multiple parts simultaneously.

Simulate Product Performance in Application Instantly

Product specifications are one thing but how the product behaves in the real application circuit can never be captured from the information in the datasheet. Never make the mistake of selecting a part based solely on datasheet parameters.

DiscoverEE gives you the ability to instantly simulate the performance of different products from the market with unprecedented ease.

To learn how LIVE Application Pages can benefit you, click here or email to schedule a demo.

Synchronous Buck Converter Schematic

DiscoverEE provides your business a competitive advantage

Device Manufacturers

Competitor Analysis
Detailed Spec Comparison
Improve Customer Service
Custom Product Anaytics
Set prices based on product performance
and competitor offering

Top Semiconductor Manufacturers Use DiscoverEE

Top Semiconductor Manufacturers Use DiscoverEE
To Identify Market Gaps, Design The Market Leading Products, Provide Superior Customer Support, Improve Productivity And Increase Sales.

Customer Testimonials

"DiscoverEE provides visual analysis of Power Mosfet landscape of over 20,000 products using their easy to use industry specific dashboards. My product marketing team and I have been using DiscoverEE for over an year. We are very satisfied since it provides us product and market insights while saving us valuable time."

Stéphane Ernoux
Senior Marketing Director
Infineon Technologies