Product Tracking

With so many new products being released every day, it can be difficult to keep track of what's new in the market. If you ever wished that there was a better way to keep track of the products, you have come to the right place.

At DiscoverEE, we not only provide information about the new releases but also map that information against the backdrop of the entire market so you know where individual products and new releases actually fit in. Further, you can be assured that you are not missing any notable products.

Select your preferred method of keeping track of new product releases to see how you can benefit from DiscoverEE:

Distributor's website
That's great as Distributors sure provide a lot of information on their website. But are you sure they are representing all the manufacturers and carrying the latest products? Distributor's tend to list only the parts that they have in stock and only stock the products that are most profitable to them. At DiscoverEE, we track products from all the major manufacturers that are promoted by manufacturers so you can make the right decisions about using the most optimum products for your applications.
Manufacturer's website
You are one of those that likes to get to the source of all the information. You are doing the right things but do you really have the time to browse websites of so many different manufacturer's every so often? Why not leave browsing the manufacturer's website to us and let DiscoverEE keep you updated on your favorite manufacturer's product catalog in conjuction with activity from all other manufacturers? We know you are a product expert and we are here to do what we can to help you stay focused on your creative pursuits.
Press releases
We understand you like to focus on the big picture and important trends but do not have much time to learn about all the updates to a manufacturer's portfolio. However, our observation is that the press releases are highly biased towards the manufacturer, does not mention about competition and conveniently leaves the benchmarking work to the reader. At DiscoverEE, you can track recenty releases from all the manufacturers and quickly benchmark the competition.
From your local sales representative
You are lucky to have the sales professional visit you and provide you all the information that you need about the products that you buy from their company. But chances are that you know more about their competition than the sales professional themselves since they tend to specialize only in their own portfolio! At DiscoverEE, we provide you the product updates from all the manufacturers in one place so you can think of it as having access to sales professionals from all the manufacturers anytime you want to learn about the new products. How'd that be for a productivity boost and taking the sourcing discussion to the next level when you actually meet Sales?
From marketing and/or applications team visits
You must be an important person working for a big company that many of us aspire to work for. We are sure you have realized that when Marketing and Applications team visit you they want to know as much about their competition and your use case as you are looking to learn about their new products and technologies. How about having access to intelligence which you can use to make Marketing teams that visit you define products that take your solutions to the next level altogether? With DiscoverEE, you can use our product insights and work with your component partners to define products that push the the performance boundaries while lowering the cost of your solutions?

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