IGBT Spice Model

Are you running into any of these problems?


Problem: Unable to simulate IGBTs in your circuit because the manufacturer did not publish one.

Solution: We agree, a lot of IGBTs do not have a spice model that is published by their manufacturer. If you are unable to simulate a circuit just because you do not have the spice model, we at DiscoverEE can help. 


Problem: Running into problems trying to compare the simulation results of different IGBTs in your circuit.

Solution: Just because you have the spice models of IGBTs from the manufacturer, does not mean that you can compare them side by side in your circuit. This is because the spice models have different levels, each with different level of complexity and fit. At DiscoverEE, we can provide you IGBT spice models that are of the same level / technology so you can see an apples to apples comparison of different IGBTs in your circuit. 


Problem: Finding it expensive to provide a Spice model for every IGBT in your portfolio.

Solution: Spice models don't have to be expensive. At DiscoverEE, we are blending data science with device modeling to generate spice models at a very reasonable cost while still offering a better fit compared to many of the models published by device manufactures. Oh yes, we don't compromise on quality!


With all the product data that we gather and organize in our database, generating device models that fit the data was a natural next step at DiscoverEE. 


We use the information from datasheets to create spice model files that match the device characteristics. When supplemented with information about the device process technogy we can generate very accurate models. These are particulary useful when you are looking to do an apples to apples comparison of different IGBTs in your circuit simulation. 


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