Market Research

Number of active products are indicative of future sales and market demand. Yet they are not tracked in an organized way! Is your company one of those?


At DiscoverEE, we keep meticulous records of number of products for each product category for the manufacturers that we track. We keep track of the not only the new products introduced by semiconductor manufacturers but also how many of those products are removed from active promotion. When this information is combined with the most detailed product database, you end up with leading edge tehcnology and market insights at your fingertips. 


What can you do with this information? The answer depends on whether you are a semiconductor company, electronics distributor, purchasing manager or hardware engineering at a system design company. 


Semiconductor Manufacturer

- Find out if your products are indeed leading edge?

- Track changes to competitor portfolio

- Compare the features of your products with that of competition

- Find gaps in market that you can exploit

- Find cost reduction opportunities

- Anticipate your competitor's move


Electronics Distributor

- Get actionable insights on what products to stock

- Get actionable insights on which manufacturers to represent in your portfiolio

- Stay ahead of competition with insights on market moving products

- Anticipate trends in advance

- Avoid getting stuck with inventory


Purchasing Manager

- Reduce cost by staying informed of all cost reduction alternatives 

- Ensure your new hardware is not being designed with parts that you will have difficulty procuring

- Use market signals to anticipate changes in your supply chain

- Anticipate which of your products are approaching obsolescence & end of life so you have more time to react to them

- Improve your companies margins (not Distributor's) by not overpaying for parts with potential shortages 


Hardware Engineering

- Stay up-to-date with the market information without having to break a sweat

- Stay informed of the latest products that are being introduced

- Stay informed of the latest cost reduction alternatives

- Ensure you are selecting the parts that offer the most optimum performance for your application

- Ensure you are not designing in expensive parts that your systems do not quite need

- Ensure that the parts you are using have other sources in case of supply interruptions

- Know all about your market without having to rely on sales and marketing visits

- Have your distributors stock the parts that you need, not what they want to sell you

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